Aug 31, 2012

Dr. Shaista Wahidi Divorce News Is Confirmed By Her Family


Pakistani Morning Show’s host and sister of TV Host and RJ Sahir Lodhi’s Sister, Dr. Shahista Wahidi got divorced. She and her husband were going through personal issues for long time as her husband didn’t like her TV appearances and dance on shows. Read the details after the jump.

Dr. Shaista, who is no more Wahidi, filed divorce papers against her husband and they both were living separately. A year back, she went to Thailand on vacation with her three kids only. She wasn’t even hosting morning show called Utho Jago Pakistan for long because of the stress and sickness she was going through. Now finally, she is back on track with the divorce.

Some people are blaming Shaista while other says it’s her husband’s fault. No matter what happened or what will happen, nobody has any right to interfere in anyone’s life or just blame anyone without any reason.

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