Aug 23, 2012

Punjab Youth Festival 2012 By Shahbaz Sharif

Pakistani nation is very talented indeed. Sometimes just a little stimulation is needed to boost up this talent and this is being done by our Chief Minister Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.

CM Shahbaz Sharif is arranging Youth Festival in Punjab.
"Building A Better Nation Through Healthy Activities".

He is providing an opportunity to the youth of Punjab to dare to dream and envision their bright future. The festival is based on the following themes:

  • Aspirations
  • Creativity
  • Hard Work
  • Team Work
  • Targets for a bright future

The event will start from 50,000 sports and youth development councils at village level and moving up to the union councils, tehsils, districts, divisions and at last leading towards the provincial level.

Categories of the Festival 2012 Events by Sectors

  1. Public (Individual Competitions)
  2. Public (Women Competitions)
  3. Public (Team Events)
  4. Village Sector
  5. Education Sector (Elementary Schools)
  6. Education Sector (Secondary Schools)
  7. Education Sector (Colleges)
  8. Education Sector (Universities)
  9. Skill/Training Sector including TEVTA, Cottage Industries, Small Industries, Engineering Projects and Computer Sciences etc.
  10. Sports Sector (General Public)
  11. Sports (Elementary Schools)
  12. Sports (Colleges)
  13. Sports (Universities)
  14. Sports (Blinds and Disables)
  15. Sports (Press Club, Bar Associations, Corporates and other departments)
  16. Public Service, Current Affairs and Law


You can also suggest a challenge in this festival.


You can also be a part of this historic team to organize the Biggest Youth Festival of the world. 14687 volunteers have already been registered. It is your turn now!

Guinness World Record for National Anthem

You can also be a participant of singing national anthem. Punjab Youth Festival needs 15,243 people singing the national anthem together to break the Guinness World Record.

Registration Forms

Here are the links of all registration forms:

Festival Event Details Booklet (URDU)

You can also download the festival event detail booklet in urdu. It has a detailed description of all the events. Download here.


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