Aug 15, 2013

Kadurat Episode 5 – Watch HUM TV Drama Serial Online – 14 August 2013


Kadurat is a famous drama serial of Hum TV. It's the story of Meera, a girl whose mother leaves her when she was eight. Her father gets married again to a mother of two and Meera is struggling to get rid of all that. Watch Kadurat Full Episode 5 on dailymotion after the jump.

Merra couldn’t handle all this and start creating issues. Her father sends her admits her in a hostel. Brokenhearted Meera takes her father with revenge. After she comes back to family after finishing her education, she attempts the whole lot to purposely produce difficulties for her family.

Kadurat Episode 5 – Part 1:

Kadurat Episode 5 – Part 2:

Kadurat Episode 5 – Part 3:

Kadurat Episode 5 – Part 4:

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