Aug 15, 2013

Malik Sikander Hayat Issue – Armed Man In Islamabad – 15th August 2013

A person named Malik Sikander Hayat, armed with sub-machine guns is terrorizing Islamabad city (capital of Pakistan) for many hours. Police is not doing anything because that man is with his wife and two kids there. Check out the whole story after the jump.

There are quite a few stories floating around that how this man entered Islamabad and why he started all this drama. One of which is that he violated traffic laws and when the traffic warden demanded his license for fine, he pointed a gun on warden. Warden backed off and the man moved forward where policemen surrounded his car. He started firing to terrorize the police and after that the man and the woman came out of the car and it seemed they desired to talk to the policemen who had surrounded them.

SSP Operations Dr Rizwan started negotiating with the armed man.
The woman claimed that the armed man was her husband and that she had no idea what he wanted
Initially, it appeared that she was acting as a mediator between her husband and the police.

The woman asked for a copy and pencil so she could write her husband's demands out.
According to him, he wants to change the system of Pakistan completely. He wants the govt. to resign and he also said that he wants Islamic system in the whole country.

The man has AK 47, drinking Red Bull, driving black corolla, smoking cigarettes, roaming in Islamabad and acting like a boss with his wife and two children.
  • Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ordered that the man be arrested alive. He has said that the woman and the children be kept safe.
  • The police has offered to let Sikandar leave along with his weapons. He has refused to go. Sikandar’s son is seen playing in the background.
  • Sikandar’s first wife lives in UAE and has a son who is in custody of the Emirates police on murder charges, Express News reported.
  • SSP Dr Rizwan approaches Sikandar to initiate negotiations. The man is armed with both the guns.
  • The man demands that Shariah law be imposed in Pakistan as soon as possible and the current government be dissolved.

While all this is happening our immature media, instead of stopping live telecast and letting the security forces do its job. They are just making a juicy story out of it. Finding juicy sentences and thrilling as much as possible.

Most of the people are saying that this whole situation is a slap on the law enforcement agencies that a one man possessing an AK-47 and an SMG has made Islamabad an hostage from at least 4 hours. If our Capital is not secured by "them" then how can govt. claim securing our country?

A Twitter uses posted an idea that someone should give him a smartphone so he can share his views live with the whole world!

Some people are saying that this whole drama is just a distraction and something bigger is happening somewhere and media and government don't want general public to think anything else other than this live GTA scenes!

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