Aug 15, 2013

Sikandar Hayat Arrested, Zamurd Khan Declared Hero, Islamabad Saved

It's a detailed report of the whole story that happened today in Islamabad for many hours. An armed man Sikandar, with his wife and children harassed the Islamabad city for more than 5 hours. A brave man Zamurd Khan finally attacked on him and helped police catching him. Read the whole report by Dunya News after the jump.


The six-hour long standoff between Islamabad police and the armed man came to an end around 11.00 o clock Thursday night.
Pakistan People’s Party leader Zumurd Khan went to the man and after shaking hands with the children jumped at Sikandar Khan to grab him.
Meanwhile, security personnel fired a shot at the leg of Sikandar Khan and arrested him.
The wife and two children of Sikandar Khan remained safe in the incident.
PPP leader Zumurrad Khan said he was watching the whole drama for the last five hours and came from home along with his children to save the situation.
Police searched the car of Sikandar and took it in its custody.
A person identified as Sikandar from Hafizabad, reached Red Zone area in a car along with his wife and two children and opened fire on policemen Thursday at Constitution Avenue.
Zamurd Khan - Who Saved The Day!

Earlier, the man asked his driver to take the car towards the road leading to Parliament House but the driver stopped the car and ran away.

Sikandar parked the car in middle of the road and started firing shots in the air.

He came out of the car with two Kalashnikovs in his hands fired shots and sat down on the front seat of the car.

He kept smoking and having drinks during this time.
In the meanwhile, SSP Operations Doctor Rizwan, along with heavy police contingent, reached the area.

Doctor Rizwan held negotiations with the armed man but the man refused to surrender.

The woman claimed that the armed man was her husband and that she had no idea what he wanted.

Talking to Dunya News Sikandar said he wanted to bring change in Pakistani society which had become corrupt.

When asked about his demands Sikandar said he wanted imposition of Nizam-e-Mustafa in the country.
He said he was ready to die along with his wife and children.

He said he had recently visited Kashmir and Balochistan.

“Muslims are being subjected to cruelties everywhere in the world,” he said.
The whole drama started at 5.50 pm Thursday when the man appeared on the scene.

Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali has directed the security agencies to ensure the safety of his wife and two children.

Police raided the house of Sikandar in Hafizabad and taken into custody important documents.

A neighbor informed the Dunya News that Sikandar was running a business of Aluminum in Dubai, and had two wives.

The father-in-law of Sikandar said he had links with some religious organization.


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