Aug 15, 2013

Zamurd Khan - Superhero Saved The Day - Sikandar Hayat Caught (Video)

The armed man who was firing and harassing the Islamabad city is caught due to a brave man, Zamurd Khan. Zamurd Khan is a political worker of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Check out the details after the jump.

He came from his home to negotiate with Sikandar Khan, who was armed with heavy guns. While shaking hand with the son of Sikandar, Zamurd Khan attacked on Sikandar. He tried to escape but then police forces fired on him and caught him on the spot.

Zamurd Khan Said:
My integrity could not bear what this man has been doing for many hours. I had made the decision to bring down that man who was trying to terrorize the whole nation. I want to tell everyone that Pakistan cannot be made hostage by one man and two guns.

Zamurd Khan - SuperHero [Video]:

The man has become the National Hero and he deserves award for such an amazing brave act!

Update: Sitara e Jurrat n Shujaat be given to Zamurd Khan. [Said Kashmala Tariq on Twitter]

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