Oct 14, 2013

Waar (2013) Movie Full Review - Everything You Need To Know

The most anticipated Pakistani Movie in the history of Lollywood, Waar is finally going to release on this Eid-Ul-Adha (15th Oct, 2013). The premiere shows of the movie is already held in Karachi and Lahore recently which were attended by celebrities and famous personalities. We have come up with the movie review of Waar in the light of comments and statements by those who experienced the Waar Movie ride. Read the details after the jump.

Waar is mostly consisted of English dialogues so it may not attract masses of Pakistani Cinema fans but it will surely do great business internationally (if released). Waar is a big budget movie of almost 2 Million Dollars (around 20 Crore) with amazing graphical/visual effects and Hollywood level videography.

Waar Movie Cast and Team:

Waar is the latest Pakistani English-language action film. The Waar movie team is listed below.

Directed by: Bilal Lashari
Written by: Hassan Waqas
Produced by: Hassan Waqas Rana, Omer Manzoor

The leading characters of the movie are:
  • Shaan Shahid (as 'Mujtaba')
  • Meesha Shafi (as 'Zoya')
  • Ali Azmat (as 'Ejaz Khan')
  • Shamoon Abbasi (as 'Ramal')
  • Ayesha Khan (as 'Javeria')
  • Hamza Abbasi (as 'Ehtasham')

Waar Movie Storyline:

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Waar movie is about a special agent Major Mujtaba (Shaan) and a counter terrorism department that detected threats to the country’s security. Mujtaba has a good record in leading different operations for his country so he was given the responsibility of this operation to deal with the dangers.

The master mind behind the huge terrorist attach is an Indian RAW Agent Ramal (character played by Shamoon Abbasi). Mujtaba is the in charge of the whole anti-terrorism operation, Javeria (Ayesha Khan) and his brother Ehtasham (Hamza Ali Abbasi) helped agent Mujtaba in the whole operation. Javeria works for FIA and her brother Ehtasham leads the field operation on ground.

Ejaz Khan (Ali Azmat) is a truthful politician who actually wants to do something for his nation. He talks about the positive change in Pakistan while sitting with some anonymous politicians who are actually Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari look-alikes from the GEO TV's political parody Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain.

Despite of the fact that Ejaz is a married and an honorable man, he keeps a friendly relationship with a girl named Zoya (Meesha Shafi). Zoya works for an NGO but in real she is a RAW agent and works with Ramal. Zoya is her changed name for the world as her real name (in the movie) is Laxmi/Lakshmi.

It is shown in the movie that the Indians fund the political murders and suicide bomb attackers as well in order to create troubles in Pakistan.

According to Dr. Hassan Rana,

It’s a story of a brave man who shed the last drop of his bravery in order to show his determination towards the fight for his nation, to protect the sovereignty and to restore the peace within his country.

Waar Movie Theatrical Trailer:

Watch the Theatrical Movie Trailer of Waar and enjoy it.

Waar Movie Music:

The WAAR's music that took almost two years to get completed is composed by Amir Munawar. Qayaas and Umair Jaswal have contributed a song each as well. The songs are not uploaded on the internet yet by Waar movie team.

Waar Movie All Songs Mp3 Download

Amir Munawar said about Waar's music that,
I am totally excited about my current project. I have been roped in to compose music for Bilal Lashari's directorial venture, 'Waar'. The opportunity itself is very fulfilling, yet demanding, as I get to experiment with the serious note the movie takes on. I have used orchestral music and sounds, which I probably have never used before, so you can say it is a different experience for me altogether. Let's see if the people enjoy hearing it as much as I did making it.

Our Opinion About Waar (2013):

The Pakistani Movie Waar is worth watching and you should go to the cinema for the movie. But please do not take things said or done in the movie too seriously as they are based on fiction. The acting by all the actors is amazing and so are the visual & sound effects, so enjoy the movie on big screen with your friends and family and keep supporting Pakistani Film Industry.

Pictures Source: Waar FB Page

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