Oct 17, 2013

Waar Movie First Day Business U.S $135000 - A New Record For Pakistan

Waar movie is released in many cities of Pakistan on Eid Ul Adha's first day and did great business. According to the news Waar managed to collect U.S 135000$ on its day 1 into cinemas which is itself a new record for Pakistani Film Industry. Read the details after the jump.

Shaan Shahid, Pakistani film actor and the hero of Waar movie posted the news on his Facebook Profile few hours ago about the Waar Movie First Day Record Business. The movie is released in just Pakistan yet and it will be released internationally soon as well. The post is embedded below.

Waar (being a Pakistani movie) doing such a great business is a new milestone, achieved by Hassan Waqas Rana (producer of Waar) & Bilal Lashari (director of Waar) and their team who worked for years to produce such a fine and amazing movie. People who watched Waar are appreciating the movie and loved it. The sound effects and visual effects in the movie are no doubt comparable with Hollywood. If Pakistani Film Industry keeps on producing movies like Waar, then there will be a time when Pakistani Industry will be able to compete Bollywood on big screen.

UPDATE [Oct 18, 2013]: We checked the facts and realized that Shaan mistakenly typed one extra zero in his Facebook status while mentioning the gross business amount of Waar. But still 135000$ is a huge amount , earned just from Pakistan on day 1.

What are view about this record business by Waar in Pakistan? Tell us in the comments below.


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