Nov 23, 2013

Boom Boom - Nescafe Basement 2 Episode 2 - BTS Video + Download Mp3

Boom Boom is the second official song of Nescafe Basement Season 2 Episode 2 released today on all TV Channels and Internet. The song is originally sung by legendary Pakistani Singer Nazia Hassan in her album Boom Boom years ago. The remake of the song (Nescafe Basement Version) is covered by two talented young female singers Parizae Azhar Malik and Sameen Qasim. We have come up with the behind the scenes video of the song. Watch it and enjoy the making of the song.

One of the lead vocalists of the song Boom Boom, Parizae said that she have never performed with a band before and she got to perform with so many talented people on Nescafe Basement 2. There were so many instruments there and she has never seen them before. She has been doing cover songs before but never reinvented the music on this level.

All the artists on Nescafe Basement worked like a family under the supervision of Xulfi. According to the second lead vocalists of Boom Boom song, Sameen Qasim, Mr. Xulfi teaches them so much thing. He appreciates them when they do something good while singing or playing any instrument and that ends up all artists making more creative stuff.

"Boom Boom is a legendary song as it was sang by a legendary Pakistani Singer Nazia Hassan who is no more with us now. It is our way to give a tribute to the great female artist", Xulfi said, who is the music producer and mentor of Nescafe Basement.

Watch the making of Boom Boom from Nescafe Basement 2 Episode 2 and enjoy.

Boom Boom - Mp3 Download - Nescafe Basement S02E02:

Right click on the link below and select 'Save link as' to download 'Boom Boom' by Parizae Azhar Malik and Sameen Qasim from Nescafe Basement Season 2 Episode 2.

Download Mp3 Here - Boom Boom - Nescafe Basement 2

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