Nov 13, 2013

Series of Google Search Reunion Ads By Google Pakistan-India - Watch All Videos


Google has released the series of advertisement called Anarkali, Cricket, Sugar Free and Fennel based on Google Search Reunion, a story of reunion of two old friends who were separated during the partition of subcontinent into Pakistan and India in August 1947. The ads explained that how Google helps us in our daily life and makes our life easier by providing the information we require. Check out all the Google Reunion Video Ads after the jump.

In the first advertisement called 'Google Search Reunion', a girl (Suman) reunited her grandfather (Baldev) with his childhood friend (Yousaf) watch the whole story here. The rest of the ads are the part of that story showing that Google is playing an important role our life.

Google Search Reunion - Story Ad:

Google Search Reunion - Anarkali, शेह-मात, انارکلی:

Google Search Reunion - Cricket, फट से, کرکٹ:

Google Search Reunion - Sugar Free, है, खा लो, شوگر فری:

Google Search Reunion - Fennel, क्या होता हैं, سونف:

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