Dec 27, 2013

Pakistan Idol Episode 7 - Watch Full Episode Online [Karachi Auditions]

One of the biggest Pakistani Music show ever, Pakistan Idol's Episode 7 is released on Geo Entertainment on 27th December, 2013. It was the last audition round episode and this time the city was Karachi. Watch the full Pakistan Idol Episode 7 Online after the jump.

Pakistan Idol All Episodes - WATCH ONLINE

Pakistan Idol Show contestants are being judged by three celebrities including Hadiqa Kiyani, Bushra Ansari and Ali Azmat. On social media, too many people criticized the decisions by Bushra Ansari and Ali Azmat and according to the audience they are being unfair to many talented participants. Moreover, people think that they are too harsh and rude to the innocent people who want to be singer.

Watch the Episode 7 Karachi Auditions and tell us your opinion about the judgement of three judges of the show.

Pakistan Idol Episode 7 - Part 1 of 5:

Pakistan Idol Episode 7 - Part 2 of 5:

Pakistan Idol Episode 7 - Part 3 of 5:

Pakistan Idol Episode 7 - Part 4 of 5:

Pakistan Idol Episode 7 - Part 5 of 5:

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