May 8, 2016

Breaking Stereotypes - Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil Brought To You #EverydayIsMothersDay Message

Let us ask ourselves one important question. What is Mother’s Day? Well, it’s a day when we get to tell our mothers how special they are, how much we love them and how we would have been totally lost without them. When it comes to it, mothers, especially in a culture such as ours, are held in a very high regard. So when we talk about celebrating the one person who you love and who loves you like she does, is one day of celebration simply enough? We think not. Putting forth this theme forward, Kashmir has come up with their #EveryDayIsMothersDay campaign!
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May 7, 2016

Get Discounts With Discountify+ | Pay Less, Live More

With the plethora of services now being provided on Facebook, another has jumped the bandwagon. But this one is a bit different. Going by the name of Discountify+, this service provides discounts on various different brands. Having just launched this Monday i.e. 2nd May, their main target audience seems to be university and A-level students.
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Feb 18, 2016

Pepsi #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi Celebrates Cricket Fever - Enjoy The TVC

It’s that time of the year again, flowers are blooming, the snow is melting and the heat seems to be rising. But you know what that’s not the only reason for the rising heat. That’s right, the T20 World Cup is approaching, bringing with it the excitement, thrill and rising expectation of cricket fans all over the nation (rather every nation of the world)!
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Feb 15, 2016

7Up Sharing #ABetterLoveStory With All #AsalFoodie - Ft. Mooroo

7Up presents #ABetterLoveStory this valentines. Its all about the love of Food. 7Up partnered up with singer Mooroo who showed us the difference between the two types of lovers and left it upon us to decide which one was better. Enjoy the video and have fun.
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Jan 28, 2016

7Up Sponsors The Biggest #AsalFoodie Event In Town - Karachi Eat 2016

What is food without 7Up ka love? It’s light, it’s bubbly and it has that unique and remarkable quality of enhancing food’s flavor without dominating your taste buds. When it comes to food, 7Up is an essential part of a good meal experience. This year, 7Up decided to make explicit this connection with food, by collaborating with the ultimate Foodie event of the year, Karachi Eat Festival 2016. And what a collaboration it was!
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Jan 27, 2016

Attention Amir Khan's Fans - Get A Change To Win AK Signed #StingChallenge Gloves

Sting Challenge came to an end after some amazing digital competitions which created a lot of buzz for the brand over couple of months. To appreciate all the Stinger who participated in the competitions with Amir Khan, sting is giving away couple of pairs of Amir Khan's signed gloves. Get the details after the jump.

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Jan 26, 2016

Get A Chance To Win Amir Khan Signed Boxing Gloves With Sting Energy Drink - #StingChallenge

veryone remembers the recent Sting Challenges featuring the world-famous boxer Amir Khan where the fans put him through a series of different obstacles. Testing the renowned boxer’s agility and strength as well as stamina through his ability to land power punches and skip a rope 400 times, the #StingChallenge set out as a competition between Stingers and Amir Khan, the results of which landed the Stingers as the victors.
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