Nov 27, 2015

Pepsi Pakistan Is Creating Pre-Hype For Its Upcoming Campaign - What's Coming?

Pepsi has always been the brand that brings something new with its marketing campaigns, in a way that no brand has ever done. This time too, Pepsi has gotten everybody hyped up about their upcoming campaign in Pakistan, which is yet to be launched and as yet remains a mystery. They’re saying it’s big and takes the excitement to a whole new level.
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Nov 20, 2015

The Bonfire Song #7UpWinters - Featuring Aima Baig - Watch Video & Download Mp3

The chill has begun to set in the weather, and just as the new season approaches, 7Up has yet again come up with an innovative idea to celebrate the season. The winter season, that is loves by most Pakistanis, everyone’s favorite foodie brand has come up with a new catchy song that captures the essence and spirit of the season wonderfully. All of this just based on a simple insight; bonfires are what is the most common event happening in winters whether it be a family occasion, new year’s eve and so on. So this time around, turn the season into #7UpWinters by celebrating as 7Up does in its new brand video.
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Nov 18, 2015

Pepsi Pakistan Making The Biggest Instagram Food Table - #ExcitingAbhi

Pepsi has always been on the forefront when it comes to introducing exciting new digital campaigns that attract the attention of everybody. This time, Pepsi’s creativity has set new standards. With their new Instagram Food Table, Pepsi has become the first brand to utilize Instagram mechanics – telling your story in the grid, starting the biggest Instagram table ever made in Pakistan.
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Nov 1, 2015

Pepsi Emojis Is One Of The Best Advertisement Campaigns Ever - #SayItWithPepsi

Sometimes, when talking over text or email, words fall short of what one truly wants to say. In such cases, the simple use of Emojis can express just right what one is feeling, whether it is disgust, anger, fear, anxiety or any other emotion. Their importance and popularity can be ascertained by the simple fact that the world celebrates their use on The World Emoji Day i.e. July 17. Emojis have become one of the most eloquent ways of expression and recently, Pepsi took the initiative to make Emojis the “universal language”, like no other brand ever has with their #PepsiMoji campaign.
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Oct 29, 2015

Wildlife Conservation in Pakistan - An Amazing Initiative by WWF Pakistan

For those creatures living in the forest and the more mighty mountains, Mother Nature is not the only one making their lives difficult; it is but quite a heightened intervention of man in nature which has made each every breath that of survival. And ultimately it has fallen on to our shoulders to make upright, that which we have stampeded over.
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Oct 15, 2015

Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil Won Hearts At The Masala Family Festival 2015 - #JeenayKaMaza

One of the most prestigious food related event Masala Family Festival was held in Expo Center Lahore last week & Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil was the highlight of the event. There were a lot of fun activities, discounted products, giveaways and much more. Kashmir won thousands of hearts at the Masala Family Festival by giving them #JeenayKaMaza.

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Are You Ready For #StingChallenge Final Round With Amir Khan?

Sting Energy Drink managed to bring Amir Khan international boxer live in Pakistan for a mega event organized in Lahore few months back. The event named as #StingChallenge created a strong buzz in Pakistani conventional as well as digital media. After the event, the brand arranged online challenges between Amir Khan and Stingers.
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